Interactive Business Intelligence

We are now able to provide comprehensive, interactive business intelligence modelling solutions for organisations of any size.  Using the latest business intelligence software from Microsoft – Power BI, we are able to design and build reporting tools that can be updated by somebody in the business with basic IT skills.

The advantage of this reporting technology is that the data is gathered once at the start of the process, combined with the DAX formulas and database like storage allowing Power BI to generate reports very efficiently.  Reporting refresh and slice with the click interface is almost instantaneous.  Link to the blog image and live example below;


We can of course take the connection much further by connecting directly to a SQL database or OLEDB connection, which will integrate the reporting solution with your businesses latest performance metrics.

Microsoft are pretty generous with Power BI, with users being able to download a fully useable product completely free of charge.  Limitations are storage of 1GB of data per user and query of a maximum 10k lines of data per user per hour, but when we are talking about storing text this is enough to get a free reporting solution for your business.

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